What’s Hosting?

Website Hosting… This is like your shop lease, enabling you to be online open to the public. Without it, you wouldn’t have a website… So it’s pretty important.. But more importantly is the company that provides it. Even though we are based in New Zealand we use Digital Pacific an Australian company, that are actually based in Australia. They are the best I have used, they are efficient, always helpful and reasonably priced with very little hosting issues and when there are issues they are dealt with and rectified straight away. Check them out ->

If you are looking for a cheaper option there is Crazy Domains, however I have no idea where they are based but essentially the hosting itself is alright but there can be some communication barriers, non the less they get the job done and I buy all my domain names through them. Check them out ->

But do not fret, if all of this hosting stuff is all over your head we are more than happy to help over at Kreate where we love to Kreate Something You Love.

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