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When family or friends brought their first home I would make up a traditional housewarming gift.  Each item has a specific meaning eg Bubbles “So your house will always be of good cheer” Sugar “May your life always have sweetness”. Good friends moved in across the road and it was the second time in a few weeks I had given one and the same talking points were created.. Never seen anything like this before.. How cool! it etc So I said to my friend shall we give this a go?  Shall we start a gift basket business?? The wheels started turning and my brain hasn’t turned off since this point! So often you have ideas and discuss with friends the opportunities that could be available but in reality not often do we follow through.  So it is very true you need to grab the bull by the horns and take the risk and jump right in. 

The gift of giving is magical. To be honest I love giving when it is least expected so it brightens an ordinary day. I love sourcing amazing NZ made products and supporting other small NZ businesses.  The Instagram community is new to me but such a great network to keep you going when you are constantly chasing your tail.

What do you love the most about your business? I love that I can keep it alive alongside keeping a balance with raising my four boys. I still consider myself a fulltime Mum and am slowly realising I actually own a business.

What are your future plans? I hope to start getting out and about more in markets and hopefully a Pop up Shop or a couple of days a week somewhere in Rotorua so people know where to grab a beautiful gift. Social media is great but face to face customer service is very heartwarming too.

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Two Friends & Co are looking to stock their gift baskets in the following businesses around the Bay of Plenty:

Real Estate
Gift Stores
The Gift of Giving is Magical – Tracey

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