The ClubHouse

The Clubhouse is a little project I’ve been working on over the past year. Like all projects it’s a labor of love, done in those moments of enthusiasm and whenever there’s some spare time to dedicate to it. I work full time too so it can be a little hard to summon up the time and energy after a working day or week.

I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as a fashionista by any means but like most women I do love shopping. The aim with The Clubhouse was to have an online store with exclusive items; to bring in unique pieces in limited numbers offered at affordable prices. I really like the idea that customers can come and buy something with the knowledge that they are unlikely to find anyone else with it.

The products predominantly come from the states, but I’ve also started stocking handmade lingerie from Australia. It’s amazing being able to work with other ladies and I am on the look out for more crafty ladies to team with.

I think one of the biggest lessons that I have learnt is to just ride the rollercoaster. Sometimes things can be hectic and you won’t be able to find a spare minute and other times it will be quiet, another stress in and of itself. I’ve learnt that you just have to embrace wherever you are; if it’s busy just write a list and work on it as you can and if it’s quiet just be grateful you have some time to relax.

In the future I would love to be able to grow and develop my little online store and be able to stock great items from a variety of designers and makers; potentially even have a physical store. It’s all an adventure though and at this stage I’m just grateful to be able to take it as far as I have.

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The Clubhouse are on the lookout for new things for their online store – – if you think that you’re product(s) might be a good fit they would love to hear from you. Contact

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