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“After meeting at a mutual friend’s wedding reception, and organising their own weddings, Skinny Love Weddings founders, Jilly and Gabi, know all too well that there just aren’t enough options for couples who want to have a truly affordable wedding. So they decided to do something about it.

Fast forward 3 years and Skinny Love is now in fast approaching its 50th wedding ceremony! Joined last year by long-time friends Vivre and Kate, Skinny Love is now rolling out nationwide as well as expanding their offering to elopements and small bespoke weddings.

“Sometimes I feel embarrassed talking about being a ‘part-time wedding planner’, because I think it sounds like a fluffy, irrelevant job, rather than work that is truly useful to society. But then, being part of a team that helps couples get married feels really good. Especially for couples who thought a wedding was out of reach for them – couples on tight budgets, or already have kids, or same sex couples from overseas who aren’t ‘allowed’ to wed in their home country. I feel very useful and helpful on days when I get to help those couples get married. Because they’re in love. So why shouldn’t they be married?” – Jilly Taipua, Co-Founder & Cake-Cutter Extraordinaire

Young people are under a lot of pressure these days, to achieve so much – education, travel, fami
ly, home ownership AND marriage. It doesn’t help that the expectation of the ‘average wedding’ is spinning out of control, turning into a huge, stressful undertaking for couples who are already busy. It turns from being a fun celebration into a heavy burden; we don’t think that’s how it should be.

The Skinny Love team are proud to offer an awesome, stylish alternative for couples who don’t want to have a big wedding, but don’t want to downsize to an impersonal registry wedding, either. Best of all, it’s all organised for you! Couples show up on the day in their glad rags, have a beautiful wedding with their loved ones and you know what? It’s so fun!

“Weddings can be pretty expensive – the average spend here in NZ is reported to be in the vicinity $30,000. That’s a lot of money, especially if you’re also trying to buy a house and/or raise a family at the same time! You could have 10 Skinny Love Weddings for that price, we love that!” – Vivre Lokes, Marketing & Chief Flower Arranger.”

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We’re four pals from Auckland who love what we do, and we’re so lucky to meet and marry couples on the reg, in a way that’s totally stylish and fun yet affordable.

Skinny Love Weddings takes all the fun and exciting parts of getting married and rolls them into an affordable, stylish pop-up wedding service. We also take all the fuss out of planning a wedding; because once you’ve booked your space, all you need to do is show up on the day with a marriage certificate, rings and the love of your life.

Packages start from just $2899!

We’re also always looking to meet and collaborate (general biz talk, styled shoots, join the wider skinny love team, giveaways etc) with other gal bosses – don’t be shy!

Peep some of our work here.

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