A Dreamer's Manifesto // Linen Wall Banner

A Dreamer's Manifesto // Linen Wall Banner

Emma Kate Co

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Hand screen printed wall banner on 100% pure linen.

{450mm x 1800mm}

Presented with dowel and string for hanging, packaged in custom mailing tube.

Wall banners to inspire adventure and mark milestones.

Designed in Australia // Manufactured in China

Drenched in tales of travel, love and adventure, the WILD HEARTS collection is for the dream seekers » dream catchers » dream weavers. With pastel-soaked brush strokes and a clean palette of dark navy, mint green, rustic linen and rose gold foil, designs + messages tell stories inspired by the textiles of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, flea markets of Amsterdam and Australian botanicals from Emma Kate’s late Grandfather’s garden. The WILD HEARTS collection is for curious wayfarers and chasers of the sun; for those who wander freely, adventure wildly, and love with abandon.



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