In April 2016 Foxxglow started as a Female Entrepreneur Blog, sharing inspirational stories about amazing women across New Zealand and Australia. We have now grown in to our very own inspirational brand providing on trend perfume and a few more selective product lines to follow. Since then we have realised that not only do women in business need to be inspired, motivated and feel apart of a community, we all do! Life is crazy! It is a roller coaster. So Foxxglow is here to remind US ALL to see the magic, reach for the stars and inspire each other to go for our dreams, desires and goals in life. We are a brand that want to make you feel like the world is your oyster, the stars are reachable, to help you shine through, feel the magic, go for the stars and remember the moments that take your breath away x


Our mission is to be a global brand known for great quality on trend women's retail products that also give back and support other womens dreams, aspirations and goals. We don't just want to be known as a business that sell women's retail products. We want to be known as a brand that inspires and motivates aspiring women to make their dreams come true. To provide a community of support and encouragement.


☆ QUALITY: To deliver quality and on trend women's retail products and to always be providing product innovation.

☆ INSPIRATION: To be present with our customers, to connect and inspire our customers to live the life they want through our content.

☆ MOTIVATION: To act with courage, to challenge the status quo and to show others they can do the same.

☆ CULTURE: To create and provide a culture of belonging and warmth, where everyone is welcome.



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