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Foxxglow started in April 2016 as a Female Entrepreneur Blog. We have now grown into a hub which stocks products made by women in business, along with our own clothing label. We share inspirational business stories about amazing entrepreneurial women across New Zealand and Australia, and provide business resources to help determined and goal driven women bring their business ideas and dreams to life!

Why does Foxxglow exist?

A couple of years ago our Founder, Bec started her own skincare brand, it was great, she had consistent orders coming in through a dozen stockists, the profit margin was there for most of the products, but she found herself just making products all the time instead of working on the business and most of all – She was lonely and had no where to go for inspiration, motivation or business knowledge. Aside these Bec also felt like she wasn’t really making a difference. You see since she was a teenager she has wanted to help motivate and inspire like-minded women.

Bec is very much in to psychology and sociology, personal development and growing professionally. Foxxglow isn’t just a retail store that sells products and clothing, it is so much more than that. The more we grow, the more we want to help other women in business grow, authenticity and generosity is part of our growth strategy. This is why we will be providing quarterly business grants (coming soon) and will be providing much more business resources and a big reason why we share inspirational stories, because this journey in entrepreneurial-ship is about us all as a collective, supporting each other along the way.



Price Range: $9.99 – $74.95

Current Monthly Website Visitors: 1800

Demographics: Women aged 20 – 34, income $45,000 +, living in New Zealand or Australia main towns/cities, either have a career or own a business (or on the road to either)

Psychographics: Aspiring career or business oriented, in a career or own a business, feel good when look good, your image reflects your success mentality, women who love to grow professionally and personally, interested in "mindset", in to health and fitness, in to networking and meeting new people, in to learning, in to brands, supports likeminded people.



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