Host a Perfume Party

So, you are not wanting to become a Consultant but you LOVE perfume and want to try all of our amazing perfumes with your friends and family. Fill in the below form to have a friendly local Consultant contact you to have a chat.


Why should you host a Perfume Party? Well, because they are fun of course! But even better, we offer REWARDS for the host to enjoy.

As a thank you for supporting a local Boss Babe we'd love to give back and offer all of our amazing hosts with the below reward structure.


$700 + Host receives free perfume and a 50% discount

$600 Host receives a free perfume and a 30% discount

$500 Host receives free perfume and a 20% discount

$400 Host receives a free perfume and a 10% discount

$300 Host receives a free perfume



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