Foxxglow Donations

Let’s get these donations under way!

As we grow our donations will increase, however to start with we are giving away $750 to go towards making one of your dreams come true! And a further $250 to anyone who enters.

Both the $750 and $250 donation giveaways are not only to help someone make their dream come true but it is a thank you, a thank you to all of you who support our little brand, whether it be a like, a follow, a comment, a purchase from our online store or a purchase from one of our lovely Stockists. We are so grateful for all of you and want to give back in any way we possibly can.

So, this is what you need to do to receive the $750 donation:

  • Provide proof of purchase from between 20/6/18 - 20/7/18 either from in-store from one of our Stockists or from our Online store
  • Follow us on both Instagram and Facebook
  • Tag a friend on this post (
  • Email us your Story, it can be in writing or in video form to with the subject line MY DREAM (IMPORTANT: Please note by sending us your story in either writing or video, you give us the rights to share it across all mediums)
The chosen one who will receive the $750 will not be chosen from liking us and tagging a friend (however this is still an important step). The person chosen will be chosen because they have touched our hearts and our INSTA FAMS hearts. We want to make a difference in someones life. 

So, this is what you need to do to receive the $250 donation:

The $250 donation will be chosen by a random comment picker website.

To us this is not just a GIVEAWAY. This is a donation, it is us providing a means for something someone finds value in, maybe you want to start your own business, this could pay for your branding or some stock. Or maybe you are in the process of buying a house and want to be a property investor, this can pay for your building report. Or maybe you’ve seen your dream job application but need some new business clothes. It can be anything, as long as it is a dream that you want to pursue. Tell us WHY it is your dream, tell us your STORY. Let’s make some magic happen x


This donation giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook.

For this donation giveaway to be drawn, we must sell 500 units between 20th June and the 20th July (either Online or in-store Stockists).

MY DREAM Applications close Monday 23rd July at 12pm.

Two finalists will be chosen for the $750 donation giveaway and announced via our Instagram Stories on Monday 30th July and the winner will be chosen from our Instagram Stories Poll chosen from our Insta Fam. The $250 donation will be drawn via a random comment picker. If 500 units are not sold, the MY DREAM entries will go in to the following months draw.

**Open to NZ only.


***Tap those three little dots at the top right hand corner of our profile page and click on Turn on Story Notifications to be kept in the loop! Good luck xx



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