Become a Consultant

Build a business that you can say is your own, become a Boss Babe and support other Boss Babes at the same time!

Magic of perfume is its transformative quality, it becomes apart of you. Feel the magic, transform your life today, find a way with Foxxglow, hustle and shine bright like the diamond you are.

As a Foxxglow Consultant, you can earn income from four seperate streams:

  1. One on one sales purchased from your on-hand stock
  2. Perfume Parties hosted by friends, family and the local community
  3. Online orders via your unique code
  4. Markets (Upon Foxxglow Approval)

NOTE: We are not a multi-level marketing company, therefore you will not be required to build a team. You will be an "Independent Consultant", so essentially self employed under our Trading Terms and Conditions.


Fill in the below Application Form. It is important prior to filling in this form that you have read and understood our Trading Terms and Conditions. By filling in the below Application Form you acknowledge, understand and accept our Consultant Trading Terms and Conditions.

To join you must purchase a pack to get you started. Once you have purchased your pack, moving forward there is a 10 unit minimum (of any fragrance) for all orders (on-hand stock).


HOBBY PACK - 10 units of your choice to sell. You will receive tester stickers.

HUSTLE PACK - 20 units of your choice to sell. You will receive tester stickers and complementary business cards (for your first order).

Display stands are available on request for wholesale price.




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