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My quest for entrepreneurial greatness started out when I was a teenager. I remember sitting in the back seat of my parent’s car saying to myself, “I want to write a book one day, a book that motivates and inspires young women, not only in a career or business but in life.”

It seems this was a significant thought in my teenage years as it is still lingering to this day. This was back when there wasn’t Facebook or Instagram and dial-up was the new thing.. But, I will write that book one day – maybe even multiple.

It has taken me awhile to really know what I want to do with my life, what to do as a career, business, where to live, where to travel.. you know!? There are so many options and the world truely is your oyster! Over the past few years… I have studied Business, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, Beauty and Real Estate and have started and I mean started.. Not even had the patience to even get off the ground started businesses in all sorts of areas; concrete pots, beauty services, candles, body scrubs… And the list goes on. Some of those businesses would have done well and some of them failed miserably but I say, at least I tried! They were like my internship in business. But FINALLY I have stopped self-sabotaging, who would have thought we were afraid to succeed? I did this by worrying about things that weren’t necessary, having to be “perfect”, caring too much of what people thought and again the list goes on.. But I tell you what, all this did for me was stress me out to the point it wasn’t enjoyable. I didn’t collaborate or want help from anyone. I wanted to do it all on my own because then I would feel successful. Well as they say it is lonely at the top so you may as well take some one with you! Business is not scalable doing everything on your own, we may think we will save a buck here or there but really we need to see it as we hire the people that are better at something than we are, that is how you build an amazing business, by building an amazing team.

So I have finally listened to those thoughts that I had since I was a teenager, that lingering thought that has always been inside me.. To start a business just like Foxxglow. I have always loved business, as Business Studies was my favourite class in High School. This is why I went on to do a Business Degree at Waikato Institute of Technology and then found my love for Marketing, which lead to Psychology and Sociology at Waikato University. I am constantly reading business articles, magazines and books. I also LOVE inspirational quotes, if you didn’t already notice on Instagram 🙂

Anyway, enough about me! You can read more through my online journal “Girl Boss Diaries” and future books!

So Foxxglow! What does Foxxglow mean and what is it to you?

Foxxglow is a Female Entrepreneur Hub dedicated to helping boss babes and business chicks kick butt at business. She helps you to create brand awareness, encourages you to take action and shows support when facing tricky situations in life and in business. She develops sharpness of your business skills, is a quick thinker, adapts to change and responds quickly to situations. She offers good teachings about how to get around obstacles, and how to be smarter about dealing with areas of resistance in your life and business. She guides you to learn from lessons, and is there for guidance when you are feeling lost and need help finding your way. She is creative, is always working toward her dreams and has a strong sense of gratification, radiance and light.

Bec Xx

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