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My name is Lucy Bloomfield and I am one of the Co-Founders of Trefiel. Trefiel is an Australian-based skin care company that helps women see results with their skin fast and squeeze in more me-time while they’re at it. It’s a tough gig, but someone’s got to do it 🙊.

I first started building websites when I was 10 years old. My family couldn’t afford to have horses so I would find online RPGs (role-playing games) that were horse-centered and built websites that acted as stables for my horses. Around about this time, I was also doing a lot of writing for horse characters that I played online. This gave me a hugely deep understanding of the English language at a really young age. Looking back, I’m really grateful that I was horse obsessed.

This interest steadily evolved into building Myspace profiles for my friends, websites for clients and a University degree in Design that I started three times but couldn’t finish. I think having so much experience under my belt made the first two years of the degree almost unbearable and I struggled to stay motivated and interested because I felt there was no challenge. Thankfully, it never really mattered because when I went overseas to travel I got a job as a designer and front-end developer with a company in the states which is still one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. It taught me how to work remotely, how to manage tasks, how to be accountable with no one there to oversee me and in the end, it taught me exactly what I didn’t want.

It was also around this time that my partner and I started talking about starting a business so that we wouldn’t need to work for anyone else anymore. There’s a lot of players in the skin care space, but no one is talking directly to the consumer especially in my demographic (25-35 years old) and particularly online. I’ve spent most of my life hacking things together on computers, studying marketing and reading tonnes of technical strategy blogs, so online marketing was something that I never had to learn straight off the bat, which turned out to be incredibly handy.

Trefiel started as one single product (the original Moisturising lace face mask) and since we started in October 2015, we’ve completed more than 10,000 orders in our store and launched a full line of formulas for the same product. It’s been such an interesting journey through the different phases of the businesses and fascinating to watch out how our strategy progressed over time, particularly in the pursuit of growth.

There are so many things that I love about working on Trefiel. I get to wake up every day and build something with the love of my life. I get to work from home every single day and since we partnered with Auspost, we’re now able to travel while running the business (which was our original goal from the start). I love that I get to use social media to connect with other women and share the Trefiel journey with them. I love that I’m able to design a subscription service that helps women all over the world take time out for themselves. I love that I’m learning about online marketing faster than I can execute and every single day our strategy slightly changes and we’re moving in a new direction. I love the fast-paced nature of the information-era and how quickly you can launch and iterate products. I love serving our customers and building something that’s perfect for them. I love working until 11pm at night (like right now).

I think the most exciting thing is the constant forward movement. Michael and I very rarely look back because we’re head-long into the next project which is days away from launching and we’re planning the sprint for the coming months of the business. I used to spend a lot of time looking to other people for inspiration but I’m finding more and more that when I stay in my lane and keep my head down, the forward momentum that I’m creating has me way more excited about the future than any other person ever will. We have a lot of projects happening internally at the moment including collaborations with other brands that we love, new products that are going to knock your socks off, a skin care line and more of a service-based approach so we can really care for our customers.

That’s the epicentre of our business – our customers. We like to think of Trefiel as our customers ideas about how women should be spoilt, loved and romanced brought to life by us. It’s an incredible privilege to be able to speak to so many women about their needs and desires and to deliver that for them. Someone asked me if I would sell the business now and I thought about it for a few moments before answering no. I couldn’t leave behind my ladies who I’ve taken care of the last 18 months. It’s an incredibly humbling business but one I derive so much fulfilment from.

My biggest lesson? Fulfilment, over “success”. I learnt this one the hard way – we had an absolutely incredible Christmas period in 2016 and we were lucky enough that it stretched all the way from October through to January 2017. We blissfully rode that wave, naively thinking that we’d built a sustainable business that wouldn’t go through the February retail slump. Oh boy, we were so wrong. The hardest part of this lesson wasn’t our naivety, but the addiction to making money. I was always checking our bank accounts and gleefully refreshing our store to see how many orders were rolling in. It was an incredible feeling and the dopamine rush from seeing those numbers had me addicted to my phone like social media does.

After we went through the February retail slump, I had to re-center on why I started doing the business and why I cared about the work I was doing. It took me over a month to find my groove again but once I did, I’ve never looked back. There was a time in my life that I was checking my phone constantly after an influencer posted just to watch the sales fly in. Now, I never know when they’re posting and the only time I do is when we log in in the morning to process the orders. Freeing myself from the statistics and coming back to the work that I love and why I do Trefiel was the best thing that I’ve ever done. If I had to pass on advice to anyone it’s that money comes and goes, but the work you do and the thing you build is inherently important to your happiness. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the actual prize, not the monetary one.

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