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For as long as I can remember i’ve loved photography. As a child I loved to sit down and flick through photo albums reliving christmases, birthdays and all the moments inbetween. In my 20s I found that despite numerous house moves a stack of albums always followed and I always seemed to have drawers full of negatives, and more prints than I could possibly frame!

A bachelors degree, ecommerce carreer, house purchase and a baby later I stumbled across an ad for the Photography Institute’s Diploma of Photography while flicking through a magazine. Having recently been made redundant it seemed like the perfect time for a change in direction. A year later I had completed my diploma and started my own business.


I’m all about…
Moments. The little ones that bring you joy like a hot coffee, fish and chips on the beach, the “look mum!” from the other side of the playground, flowers in springtime, daydreaming, the hugs, the kisses, the laughter.

Memories. There are so many firsts in life, so many little moments of joy, so much craziness, so much chaos and so much fun. Every day we’re waking up and creating new ones.

Magic. A twinkle of laughter in the eyes, sparkling morning dew, sunrises over the ocean, perfect pink petals, roly poly squishy babies, sunny summer holidays, my daughters face on Christmas morning.

Life and all its crazy, fun and laughter filled beauty.

I spend my days capturing life, playing hide and seek with my husband and 2 kiddies, trying to stop my labrador from eating the cat biscuits, attempting to get through more washing that I know what to do with, meeting beautiful families, stopping to smell the roses, drinking coffee, making, and creating.


I feel incredibly lucky not only to have a career I truly love but to get to be a part of the most special moments in my clients lives. From wedding days to capturing families and watching babies grow I’m honoured to be chosen to capture some of lifes incredible milestones, and to meet so many lovely people who often go on to become good friends.

Since starting my business i’ve also discovered a love of fine art photography and capturing nature. In future I’d love to have some of my fine art images stocked in retail stores as prints, stationery and homewares (i’m a total Block addict, can you tell? 😉

Having spent four years studying a Bachelor of Graphic Design, and growing up with parents who owned a printing business I also have a passion for beautiful, quality printed products. From premium photo prints to contemporary framed images and beautifully crafted albums Lisa Foster Photography provides a service that goes beyond just capturing beautiful images and helps clients to showcase their precious memories so they can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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