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I was 40 odd and found myself pregnant after the doctors had said it wouldn’t happen naturally.  It was all very exciting and we found out we were having a boy!  My partner and I had 2 boys and a girl from previous relationships, so this wee baby was perfect to finish our family.  At 22 weeks things started to go wrong and I was admitted to hospital for monitoring.  I felt like a fraud being there as I felt fine, that was until a couple of nights later when my waters broke.  My wee baby and I hung on as best we could but sadly he died over night at 23 weeks, and I gave birth to him the next day.  He was perfect and we never did find out why he died, or why my body did what it did.  We named him Koby.

My search for ways to commemorate his short life, eventually lead me to personalised jewellery.  I was unable to find what I wanted in NZ so decided to make my own.  This was just what  I needed and gave me something to focus on.  I made my first piece of handstamped jewellery and was hooked.  Putting my babies name onto something felt amazing, and gave him permanence in a world that wanted to forget him.  My new hobby turned into my passion, and within the year into my business, and I resigned from my school hours job to work for myself.

4 years later I not only make memorial jewellery, but jewellery to celebrate the whole family, and anything that is important to the individual.  It is handstamped and personal, and it enables people to keep those they love close to them, and to celebrate life how they wish to do so. 

KJdesigns (named after Koby), creates tangible memories, to love, cherish, inspire, and to remember. 

It’s been my passion, my dream, my job, and my therapy.  Being able to provide jewellery to those who have lost a baby, to give them something, a way of carrying their baby with them, and acknowledging publicly that this baby, is just as much part of their family as their other children, is so important, and means so much to me.

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