Journey Candles

Journey Candles is the creation of two friends who are passionate about travel, pretty things and supporting locally made products.

We’ve been hand pouring soy candles for over 2 years from Wellington. When it all started we knew we wanted to be different, not only to create a product that will look stunning in someone’s home, but also has meaning. As we’ve both travelled a huge part of the world, we thought this makes a perfect theme to bring to our candles, and a way to bring our personalities to Journey Candles. Scent helps to bring a strong connection to memories, so why not relive some of our favourite locations through a beautiful scented candle?

Starting off with a few hairy first attempts, we soon got into loving our craft, and our creativity started to shine through. Designing and making the candles is our favourite part of the business and there’s no way we would have stuck at it if we didn’t love what we create.

This year we have some pretty big goals; growing our wholesale customer base so that Journey Candles can be in a wide range of stores in and around NZ, is just one of them. Work alongside other NZ Businesses to collaborate on blog posts, products and suppliers of limited edition products is another important goal of ours; we’re passionate about learning from other NZ businesses, and this drives us to keep moving forward.

We find our inspiration by seeing how far we can grow our business. We love working with passionate people, hopefully inspiring them too. That gives us an excuse to go for a coffee and cake of course!

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, finding a sustainable work/life balance can be difficult. We’re both grateful there’s two of us to help keep the business moving. There have been times we’ve found it hard to tick off those checklist items, or be motivated to get up early to go to the craft fair on our day off. Working full time and running a side business can be challenging at times, thankfully we have a good support network to keep us on track.

Journey Candles have been in the small business game for a couple of years and we’ve learnt a heap along the way, and will continue to learn more everyday. If we were to give our past selves any advice, it would have to be ‘don’t be afraid to fail’. Ok, not original but very true. You won’t get it right the first time, every time and that’s ok, it’s how we learn to succeed in the long term.

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