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We are welcoming Guest Posts! These posts will be displayed on, our Female Entrepreneur Hub e-Mag + shared across all social media platforms.
All posts will be reviewed prior to becoming public.
Post categories: Playbook (business resources, strategies + tactics), Your Why Story and Journal Entries (Girl boss diaries – your thoughts for the day, this week, future plans, struggles, highs, anything you would like share).
Authenticity is encouraged!
We look forward to receiving your articles xx
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Not sure where to start with your Why Story?
Below are a list of questions you can copy and paste in to the text box to answer and we will either merge all the information together to make a story (with approval before posting) or post your questions and answers as is, it’s totally up to you!
You don’t have to answer all the questions, but just remember to be authentic and be yourself 🙂
First up, introduce yourself and your business, where are you from , what do you do and why?
How did you get started? What was the turning point?
What did you do prior to your current business?
What do you love the most about your business and what you do?
What are your future plans? Short or long, which ever you would like to share?
Who do you find inspirational or what do you do to find inspiration? I.e. Read inspirational books, go to networking events or simply just going for a walk to clear the mind etc.
Would you like to share some of the hard times, what have you found to be a hurdle in your business? And how did you overcome that hurdle?
And to close, what have you learnt on your journey? If there was one piece of advice you could give your fellow entrepreneurial ladies, what would it be?
P.S Please feel free to include anything else you would like to share.
Thank you for sharing your Story on Foxxglow and being an inspiration to all! xx
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