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I grew up always making for myself what I wanted. I knew from a young age that if I needed something I could not just wait until it happens, I had to find my own way of creating; from building my own bird aviary at intermediate school to making home-made skin and hair care by high-school. I could not settle for no; the idea of something being ‘not possible’ to do myself always made me uncomfortable, I didn’t understand why at the time but this attitude carried me through most of my goals in life. I was so excited to start my adult life, I felt like I could end up anywhere! 

Fast forward to university, my father had just started our business The GoldLane Jewellery. At first I tried to find my own path in accordance with my degree but nothing seemed to make sense anymore. I felt completely lost and aimless, for the first time I couldn’t see myself ending up anywhere worthwhile and that life would  be a repetitive cycle. I began to take up more and more parts of our family business to keep myself busy and distract from my feeling of goalless-ness. I remember the first time I saw a client come back to our store to thank my father for the work he did in creating their engagement band. They had given him a bouquet of flowers and explained how much his work meant to them. Seeing that, how his actions meant that not only did he create for them a materially important piece, but that his work was forever embedded in the beginning of the couples’ life together; I for the first time saw jewellery as not just a item but a story, a narrative attached to each piece that is so personal. There are so few other jobs that can have and create that same history. 

Being a family business, my father has been my biggest inspiration and motivation, not only was watching him work the most important part of my learning of business, but I also learned how business must be kept personal and authentic. We are not in this game to become millionaires, we are here because we have a genuine love for what we do and creating bespoke jewellery for our clients is the most important core of everything. Nothing feels more special than someone trusting you enough to share a story and having the privilege to design a piece around that story. Making it come alive. 

Every day is a challenge in this business, from fighting to get recognised despite giant brands, to having to learn crash-courses on everything marketing, accounting and web building, especially when hiring professionals isn’t an option. But I always remember that little girl who was not happy with waiting on someone else to get the job done. The feeling of endless possibilities I carried still powers the work I do today and I honestly cannot imagine doing it any other way. I hope to always live a life that I can never guess the ending of. 

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