Entry Two: Mindset

Oh Hey, May… What the actual!!!

Ok, so I’m probably not the only one that just feels like time is just slipping by! This is where mindset can be really powerful. Below I have listed a bunch of things that can be helpful on a daily or weekly basis to keep your mind in check and your spirits high when living this entrepreneurial rollercoaster of a life.

  • Every morning, write down what you are grateful for and what your main top goals are, in life and in your business. Then read them to yourself, every day.
  • Make a daily to do list, as long as you do the important things, the rest can wait. Focus on the main things that bring in your revenue or get you closer to your goals that you wrote down in the previous point.
  • Look after yourself. I know we can all be at fault when there are things that “need” to be done, but really if you don’t eat healthy and exercise, then how are you even going to think straight? A study has been done stating that people who work 50 hours, don’t actually get more done than someone who works 40 hours. So re-energise and take time out for yourself, so when you do work, you actually get something done.
  • Podcasts, You-tube – I search for inspirational podcast or clips on youtube almost every day. Always constantly learning from the very best – search for entrepreneurs in your industry or someone you relate to or aspire to be. Here is a link to our Youtube channel where we have started a collation videos from different sources (remember to Subscribe to be notified of new videos) >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/foxxglow
  • Read inspirational books – like Lisa Messenger, or Girlboss. We will be stocking these types of books on our online store, so keep an eye out – We launch June 1st. But any book that you can learn from, like Rich Dad Poor Dad, anything that allows you to open your mind, visualise and learn is worth reading.
  • Last of all, “Be open to it being way better than you imagined”. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Business is forever. You WILL always have something to do when you have your own business. This is something that took me awhile to grasp and just stressed me out. But you just have to accept it. It’s not a job, its YOUR business. So just like a plant, water it, weed it, look after it and it will flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

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