Domestic Diva

My last chapter ended in a hairdressing salon listening to everyone’s life but thinking about mine. I was drained; I needed something to change.

Was I going to be hairdressing forever?

Courage was built somehow and I handed my resignation to the boss not knowing the plans for chapter 2.

I knew I wanted to work for myself and have the freedom of choosing my own hours, in theory needed to have a job that I liked doing while helping people out.

Domestic Diva was born. My chapter 2, a home management service that provides residential cleaning, housekeeping duties and any organising a household might need. Having just moved to North-west of Auckland, I loved the community and chose to stay within it helping out the neighbours.

I’m also currently studying a small business management course, which I highly recommend! It shows you everything from your business vision to marketing and to be aware of the competition, so at this stage there is nothing I would change as I’ve approached each of the business aspect with what I’ve been taught carefully.

My top highlight has been quitting my hairdressing job and experiencing in a new Industry and treating my clients how I would like to be treated. That is the key!

There’s so many struggles when you start a business, but if you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn. To start one is easy, it’s developing your brand and creating your client database that is the struggle. There are days when you feel useless, “no-ones helping me, why isn’t my phone ringing?”

This is when you need to turn to your support team, the people who you told your first idea to, the friends that still ask how you’re going. They are what get you through the day.

You can do whatever you want in life; if you need a change, change it. Just find those positive people to get you through and you’ll make it.

In future I hope to build the brand for the opportunity to have employees that enjoy a good work experience and treating them regularly, as staff make your business successful and keeping them happy is also important.

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