Bond with your customers

Let’s be honest, when it comes to buying a product, you would usually have an emotional tie to it. In saying this, the product/service makes you feel a certain way. Why else do we buy designer clothing? To make us feel good, and look good.

When you are creating campaigns and a market presence, you should always try to create an emotional bond with your target market. Campaigns with emotional content perform twice as well as campaigns without emotional content. When you connect with your consumers on an emotional level, this enables you to make an impact, so they remember you.

Too often we focus on ways to win a dollar of our consumers wallet, but instead should be focusing on winning over our consumers hearts, minds and emotions. You need to make a connection where it is difficult for your customer to leave by creating an emotional bond.

The following three tips will help you improve your customer relationships:

  1. Make your customers a priority.

In today’s competitive environment, anyone who thinks a business is about himself (or herself) and not the customer is best served by shutting it as quickly as possible. Your customers are the reason you are in business, and continue to be in business.

As a business owner, you need to determine your customers pain points and address them. Provide your customer with a solution to their emotional needs. You must show that you care about them, individually.

  1. Interact and listen.

Earn a special place in your customers hearts, by simply listening, repeatedly. And act on it! The best way to find out what your customer thinks about your product or service is by simply asking them.

There are online survey tools to help, such as; Survey Monkey and Mail chimp. Where you can gain feedback from your customers.

By asking the right questions, you will learn your customers pain points and will be able to develop solutions, which demonstrates a level of care. The process of listening by problem solving may elevate your business in the mind of your consumers.

  1. Develop a company personality.

When you are in business, you are doing business with people. Not companies, not brands, nor ideas. People. This is unless you go beyond this and build a personality.

Find your unique voice, develop a personality and create an emotional tie with your customers, get your customers to view your business as a person, as a personality, by utulising social media. In the tone of your updates and content that you share you will be able to connect your personality with the consumer.

Social media should be leveraged to develop your individual companies’ voice. A well thought out social-media strategy can turn your company into more of a friend and less of a business.

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