Who’s Looking?

It is all good and well having a website, but at the end of the day we need to get people on that website, checking out our cool stuff and reading our awesome content. But who are they? Are they the right people viewing our content, are they engaging? Are they bouncing out as soon as they get in? How long are they on the page for? Does that mean your content is too long? And the list goes on…

Unleash the power of the link with Bitly and optimise your links so you can own your customer experience.

Here are a couple of their e-books to show you how useful Bitly can be for you and your marketing strategies.

37 Ways Brands use Bitly

Here you will see that you can track engagement from posts to content. Track click throughs on Instagram, measure engagement from contests etc etc.

The Big Book of Marketing Analytics Tools

Here you will find that you can use Bitly to assess bounce rates, clicks, referrals, keywords etc etc.

All in all Bitly Enterprise allows you to brand links, mobile deep linking, omnichannel campaign tracking, audience intelligence – gives the world’s leading brands a holistic, unbiased view into an increasingly complex digital landscape, and a powerful way to see, control and own their customer experience across the internet.

Check them out – https://bitly.com



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