Self care is the best care

Self care is the best care.

Monday 9 July.


As I write this, I am sitting in stillness in my favourite cafe, taking time out just for me. 


I firstly caught up with a dear friend of mine, you know those friends that are just such good company, such good listeners, she is a must have kind of friendship. 


I’m not at all saying that self care requires us to spend a tonne of money or buy heaps of things... not at all, that’s purely materialistic.


What I am saying though, is that taking time out from this crazy busy world we live  in matters so much, it’s so so important!


Whatever works for you, find that thing gal! Find it and embrace it! Take a breather! Your mind / body / soul will thank you for it!! 


For me, it’s as simple as:

Going for a walk - ( I LOVE walking tracks. If you’re in Christchurch, check out rapaki track, Barnett park or even head up to sign of the bellbird!) 


These places in particular are great to embrace the fresh air, nature and stunning views!


Being present in these moments makes us realise how much we have, and how much to be thankful for.



Catch ups with that good quality friend - As I mentioned earlier, these are friends that you don’t even have to do anything with, you can literally just sit in your favourite cafe for hours just chatting about life.




Something that helps with my self care personally is what I’m doing right now, writing! It’s a great way of being able to process your thoughts and feelings. After a hard day, emotional day, stressful day, or even an amazing day you’ve had and things to be grateful for.


I repeat, find something that works for you gal!


When you focus on being present in the season of your life you’re in compared to the seasons other people are in, or what they’re up to, that gal next to you, yeah, she is in a totally different season of her life, she has her own struggles, strengths and weaknesses.


You are not meant to be achieving what she is achieving.




Your own path, what’s BEST for your season, not for hers.


I once heard a psychologist say, 

“Why is if that we spend more time looking after our teeth than our minds?”


I find that intriguing, why do we look after our physical health more than we do our mental and psychological health?


One thing that’s important to remind yourself is that self care is not self indulgent nor selfish. 


It’s necessary.

It’s hard work.

But let’s start.


“Practicing self-care is a process, one that takes patience, self awareness, and a good sense of humour”


I hope this encourages you to take care of yourself just that little bit more.


A xx


This blog was written by:

Amy Anderson

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