Serendipity Ave

We are New Zealand best friends Nami and Pascale. We have been friends for over 9 years and we created Serendipity Ave which started out as an online platform of our daily inspiration and street style musing.

Originally we used it as a method to keep in touch with each other through our busy lives so we started sharing our love for street style fashion outfit inspiration on our Instagram account @serendipity.ave. From there and a few outfit posts later it is the online presence you see today. Guess you could say it all started with a selfie? lol

It has now been over a year later since our blog was born which now includes the recent addition of our online store

With the launch of our online store we aim for the ‘OMG I love the way this dress makes me feel’ or those ‘OMG where did you get those pants from?’ moments. Shop Serendipity Ave is a curation of pieces for the girls that are big dreamers and shameless style hunters. All our brands were sourced by stumbling upon their Instagram account and contacting them from there, how more ‘serendipity’ can you get right?

What do we love most about Serendipity Ave + Shop Serendipity Ave? The fact that it was born on passion and there is no persona behind it, it really is just us putting our selves out there. We love that we have created an online presence where girls are inspired to be creative with the way they dress and enjoy fashion. Like it? Wear it! Break the rules and have fun along the way 🙂

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